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COVID-19 Update

Shenker Russo and Clark LLP Legislative Update

This week in Albany… COVID-19 Update This morning the Governor announced he will further amend his Executive Order to require that all non-essential businesses reduce their workforce by 100%. On Wednesday, he ordered a 50% reduction, followed by announcing a 75% reduction yesterday. However, with the growing number of cases in the state, all non-essential…

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Theresa Russo publishes Practice Note related to alcohol regulation in New York

Theresa Russo published a Practice Note providing guidance for parties considering entering the alcohol beverage business in New York, particularly at the retail level. This Note provides an overview of the regulatory structure for the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sale of alcoholic beverages in New York; New York’s three-tier system including manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers;…

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SRC attended the October SOMOS Conference

Female presenter at the October SOMOS Conference

SRC’s Doug Clark, Tracey Brooks, and Adriel Colon-Casiano attended the October SOMOS Conference, which focused on the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico. Participants engaged in service-related activities and dialogues that helped to shape priorities for public policy, civic participation and community engagement. Key issues discussed included energy and resiliency, business development, health, and education. The…

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