Practice Areas

Government Affairs is the foundation of the services offered by Shenker Russo & Clark. Our lobbying efforts include contact with members and staff of the State Legislature, the Governor’s office, and key state agencies. The attorneys at Shenker Russo & Clark offer a full range of government relations services including, but not limited to:

Our comprehensive services also include problem-solving, monitoring and advising in regard to state legislative and regulatory actions, preparation of memos of support and opposition to policy issues, research, bill drafting, and outreach to potential bill sponsors in both houses.

SRC’s Partners have extensive experience interacting with lawmakers, policy-makers and their staffs, helping to provide our clients with well-respected and effective representation. Our skilled and creative team work closely with clients – from fortune 500 companies to small not-for-profit organizations – to develop and implement comprehensive strategies for achieving their business and governmental goals.

While there may be many qualified firms, we differentiate ourselves by listening. We take pride in our client-centric approach founded in a simple belief that we should work with you, not talk at you. Your team at Shenker Russo & Clark will work together with you to ensure that a comprehensive government affairs strategy is developed. Our vast experience, team structure and technological infrastructure allows us to keep abreast of the changing legislative, legal and regulatory landscapes at both the state and local levels of government. These resources help us to provide our clients with timely, innovative and results-driven solutions.

Our Alcohol Beverage Licensing and Hospitality Law practice team helps businesses navigate New York State’s complex process for securing liquor licenses, identifying potential issues and addressing them to limit the potential for costly delays or fines.

Our firm’s clients include restaurants, bars, hotels, caterers, sports arenas, manufacturers, cruise lines, liquor stores, airlines, wholesalers and a range of other businesses for which liquor sales are an essential part of the customer experience.

SRC attorneys and professionals are dedicated to your success by delivering responsive service and measurable results. We are problem solvers who work together with our clients to find the best possible method to resolve their matter – whether it be through negotiation, litigation or when all else fails, changing the rules through legislative or regulatory action.

Our services include:

  • Developing liquor permit applications, including temporary permits while applications are pending, in order to minimize the potential for rejection by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA)
  • Working directly with NYSLA investigators to clarify or augment information to sustain the progress of a pending application
  • Representing clients at community board meetings and SLA hearings
  • Securing NYSLA approval for physical modifications or management/ownership changes at a licensed business
  • Securing permits for clients holding off-site events
  • Obtaining declaratory rulings on new business models

Keeping a liquor license can be just as challenging as acquiring one. SRC helps ensure that our clients comply with all of NYSLA’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws and regulations while offering reliable assistance when they respond to licensing queries. If a client is ever charged with violations, we are familiar with the substance and subtleties of representing them before the NYSLA.

Lobby Compliance

Theresa Russo, one of the founding Partners of SRC, has served as a lobby law compliance officer for more than a decade, providing guidance to numerous clients on a wide spectrum of issues and acting as in-house lobby law counsel to many companies in New York State ̶ training employees, establishing systems for capturing and reporting lobbying activity, and taking all steps necessary to ensure compliance.

Theresa routinely interfaces with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) and the Office of the City Clerk in New York City, providing clients with lobby report filing guidance and representing them in civil penalty hearings and audits. In addition, Theresa teaches CLE courses on the constantly evolving lobbying laws in New York State and New York City.

Under the more recent changes to the Lobby Laws, many activities that were traditionally common business practices are now considered “lobbying activity” that is reportable to JCOPE and the City of New York and several other municipalities in New York State.

We offer comprehensive compliance services which include:

  • Determining if the activities you are engaging in require you to register with JCOPE or the municipality, and assist you with such registration;
  • Assisting you with setting up internal procedures for tracking expenses, legislation, regulations, and procurement activity to report to JCOPE and/or the appropriate authority;
  • Providing help completing reports required to be filed with JCOPE and/or the appropriate authority;
  • Performing internal audits to ensure that documentation is complete and accurate and would be sufficient in an actual audit conducted by JCOPE and/or the appropriate authority;
  • Representing you during an audit for penalty hearings;
  • Providing training for persons required to file reports, and training for lobbyists to ensure they know the kinds of information they must track;
  • Advising on questions regarding gifts to public officials, as well as hosting conferences and other events involving elected or public officials;
  • Advising on the new Source of Funding requirements that many Associations are now required to report; and
  • General legal advice on lobby laws

The vision of SRC is to become a true partner in the success of our clients by providing outstanding service, and an unwavering commitment to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. SRC has significant experience in all aspects of association management including governance, day-to-day administration, financial services, membership development, communications, member education and event planning.

GOVERNANCE – The SRC team manages all the details of your association’s meetings: distributing notices and agendas, arranging meeting space, preparing minutes, and following up on action items. SRC oversees the creation and updating of bylaws, policy and procedure manuals, and all other documents essential to your association’s identity.

DAY-TO-DAY MANAGEMENT – The SRC office in Albany, NY, would become your association’s home office. From this office, we establish a dedicated phone line (a redirect your current telephone number) that we answer with your association’s name, and we manage all aspects of your association from here.

FINANCIAL SERVICES – SRC can provide the following financial services:

  • Manage AR and AP process, account reconciliations, record keeping, filing and general bookkeeping responsibilities.
  • SRC will liaison with CPA as needed.
  • SRC will provide management reports, review & analysis service, customized to a client’s needs and specifications.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – We take a strategic, targeted approach to helping your organization keep existing members engaged and enthusiastic, and recruit new ones. We will provide content that grabs their attention — producing newsletters and mailings on topics of interest, celebrating association achievements on social media, and keeping them informed of everything your association has to offer.

COMMUNICATIONS – SRC will review all current association communication tools and work to optimize their distribution and content. We will get the word out about your organization to those who need to hear it: members, supporters, those you serve, government officials, the media and the general public.

EDUCATION, EVENT PLANNING & MANAGEMENT – Conferences, trade shows, regional training programs, advocacy programs, sponsorship programs and direct marketing – all aspects of the association communications and outreach that SRC will coordinate.

SRC attorneys provide counsel to minority and women-owned business owners seeking MBE and WBE business certification.

Our team is experienced and skilled in providing one-on-one guidance and direction to clients working to complete an MWBE application – answering specific questions unique to each client’s business, reviewing supporting documents and scanning and attaching documents to the application.

Shenker Russo & Clark provides small businesses with:

  • An assessment of eligibility
  • Technical assistance with competing an application
  • Review of supporting documents
  • Expedited review through New York State

We also provide services to previously declined applicants in appealing these decisions.