About Shenker Russo & Clark LLP

Shenker Russo & Clark LLP (SRC), is a Government Affairs and Alcohol Beverage Licensing/ Hospitality Law Firm, utilizing a vision rooted in ethics, creative problem-solving, and a unique team approach. Our team is dedicated to your success by delivering responsive service and measurable results.

Our team works year-round to get our clients results. Our lawyers and professionals are creative and flexible because we are close to our clients – and make our clients’ goals our own. There are not layers of bureaucracy between us and you. What makes our team unique is that we provide solutions to your problems. We do not simply tell government officials what your problems are and ask them to solve them. We go to them with potential and workable solutions. We work under the philosophy that government must have a reason to say “no”. We get measurable results and have been successful in solving our clients’ issues, even when they initially appeared unsolvable.

Our Promise to Our Clients

At Shenker Russo & Clark, we believe in delivering on our promises. We focus on establishing genuine client relationships and providing results-oriented, cost-effective counsel.

What Makes Us Different?

When you work with us you will receive the highest quality counsel and service from a trusted team of professionals, committed to the following values and behaviors:

Knowledge Leaders

We deliver knowledge-based insights and advice. We are committed to always learning so that we may continue being the best in our field. We value and encourage growth and innovation.


We create a workplace that fosters trust, creativity, consistency, and loyalty. We welcome each client, partner and staff member to the organization through respect and care. We create a sense of ‘connectedness’ throughout the firm, encouraging collaboration across all teams and foster an open-door environment.


Change is the only constant. We don’t just realize that, we enthusiastically embrace and drive ongoing change. We challenge the norms and push boundaries. We are bold in what we do. We are pragmatic, tenacious and daring to be creative and flexible in delivering results.


We always bring our best; It’s focused excellence. We are dedicated to quality through an iterative, fast-paced approach. We invest in our work and take pride in our results. We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


All our actions are governed by the highest professional and ethical standards. We speak up for what is right, even when it is the harder option. We act honestly; by choosing to practice our values rather than simply talking about values.


We are here to create remarkable experiences and we get things done. We are relentless and driven. Above all, we have passion for what we do, and are proud of what we accomplish.