Campaign Finance Law Practice Area

Photo of Ryan HorstmyerRyan Horstmyer, a partner at our firm, leads our campaign finance law practice. He has over twenty years of experience working on campaigns and elections regulated by state and federal laws. And our entire team brings together decades of similar political experience, including in other areas of regulatory compliance.

Our team’s proficiency extends to representing political action committees (PACs). We are skilled in guiding corporate clients through extensive regulations. Our comprehensive campaign finance compliance services include:

  • Establishing political action committees (PACs) under state and federal law;
  • Assisting clients through the process of filing accurate campaign finance reports;
  • Advising on the permissibility of receipts or expenditures under campaign finance laws and rules; and
  • Offering clients specialized training sessions on campaign finance reporting obligations and best practices.

We are committed to delivering clarity, structure, and strategic guidance in all areas of campaign finance law compliance. Our team guides clients every step of the way so that they can concentrate on their political activity with confidence in their compliance. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure clients find campaign finance law compliance a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Ryan Horstmyer, Attorney at Law
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