Shenker Russo & Clark LLP Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Shenker Russo & Clark is marking a significant milestone as the firm celebrates its one year anniversary this month. The firm was founded in November of 2015 by Cynthia Shenker, Theresa Russo and Doug Clark in response to the changing business and political landscape in New York.

Within the past year, the firm grew to sixteen employees and nearly doubled its State Street office space. The firm was founded with a unique business model that enables their senior partners to remain close to all of their clients.

Commenting on the anniversary, Founding Partner Cynthia Shenker said, “I believe our success has been directly tied to our ability to attract and retain a talented and experienced team. Our clients have quickly come to rely on our team of seasoned Albany attorneys and professionals who understand how to adapt to the changes that occur in government and as a result are able to develop creative solutions to their problems.”

The firm also expanded its areas of practice to include insurance law and energy matters while strengthening its expertise in the areas of healthcare, higher education and member-driven associations.

Shenker added, “The success of our first year has been tremendous and we are excited to build on that success in our second year. With the continued support of our friends and colleagues, and the hard work of our team, we will be even more successful in providing unparalleled support for our clients.”