SRC Helps New York’s Food Banks Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

It doesn’t matter where a phone call is made, so long as you reach the right person.

In the middle of the State Budget process, and with the COVID-19 crisis expanding every day, SRC was plugging away for its clients. One in particular, Feeding New York State, the state’s association of ten regional food banks, was working to keep funding levels up and expand into new programmatic areas. At the same time, economic signals forecasted a most challenging year ahead. It was clear that demand for food bank assistance would skyrocket.

As government offices and businesses across the state began to close, Feeding NYS and SRC expanded the food banks’ advocacy strategy. Feeding NYS would provide regular updates to key state officials on emerging demands for more assistance. SRC worked to set up a number of those conversations and also briefed key policymakers by phone and in writing.

The result: not only stable food banks appropriations for the 2020-21 fiscal year, but a critical infusion of $25 million in emergency state assistance. Additionally, the Cuomo Administration has also spoken publicly and forcefully for the need for private assistance for food banks.

Early on, SRC even helped facilitate a federal waiver of income verification rules. This reduced paperwork requirements and limited person-to-person contact, so essential workers could stay safe and new food distribution lines could stay open.

No matter where we are, SRC’s entire team is committed to our clients’ success. You can count on the same whenever you might call, and wherever you find us.