Cannabis Control Board Revises Proposed Medical Home Cultivation Regulations & Awards First Adult-Use Cultivation Licenses

On April 14th, the Cannabis Control Board held its eighth meeting. During the meeting, the Board considered a resolution to approve revisions to the proposed Medical Home Cultivation Regulations. Previously, the Board approved proposed regulations and published them for public comment. The 60-day public comment period ended on February 18th, and after receiving over 160 comments from various stakeholders, the proposed regulations were revised and resubmitted to the board. The revisions made the following changes;

  • Updated definitions to clarify outdoor cultivation permitted;
  • Revised storage and security requirements;
  • Provided a clarification of designated caregiver plant limits; and
  • Provided provisions for the sale of medical cannabis seeds and immature plants for home cultivations by entities licensed or registered by OCM.

The board approved the changes, which will now be subject to another public comment period which will commence on May 4th and continue for 45-days.

Also, during the meeting, the board approved the first conditional adult-use cultivator licenses. The licenses were awarded to 52 farmers, who can now begin growing cannabis that will be sold at dispensaries for adult-use. The first dispensaries are expected to open later this year.